Gujarati Natak – Aa Kokila Nu Kaieeek Karo

The kind hearted Bhalabhai has brought up his three children with utmost love and care. But he is worried about their future. Praful the eldest son has a wife who is constantly nagging him for a child. Jignesh the youngest has ideas that he feels are brilliant but they never materialise and the third one is Kokila a tomboy. The family’s priority is to get her married. Tejas an NRI a new entrant in the locality is the first prospective groom. But sadly nothing works until the arrival of Vishwas. He understands what the family is going through. He does everything to transform Kokila from a Tomboy to a beautiful girl. Seeing the transformed Kokila Tejas also does everything to impress her. Who will Kokila marry? Watch this wonderful play.

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